East West College Counseling LLP provides full service and concierge specific counseling services for those high school students looking to optimize their preparation and their application process for admission to college and university.

With over fifty years of consulting experience, the staff at East West College Counseling provides in depth and detailed understanding of the college application process.

Whether the interested student is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in High School, we adapt our program according to the client’s needs. We tailor our counseling services to the specific requirements of the individual student. We provide both a comprehensive program and an a la carte selection of specific assistance.

Useful Information

Want More College Students to Graduate? Fix the High Schools

“When high schools fail to prepare students for even the most minimal expectations of college work — active class attendance, the ability to..

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President Speaks: 'Some borrowers need defense from themselves'

“Education is the only thing people are willing to pay for and not receive.” “As a president, my greatest frustration is with students (and families)..

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Harvard Blew $1 Billion in Bet on Tomatoes, Sugar, and Eucalyptus

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The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens

“The teens I work with are prone to catastrophizing when facing a problem (“I’ll never get into college,” “I’ll never get a good job”)…

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Do I Have to Spring for My Kid to Go to an Elite College?

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