Mission Statement

At East West College Counseling LLP, our purpose is to help you, the high school student looking towards the college planning, selection and application process.  We seek to find the best match for your college choice.  We help you discover what you are looking for in your college life, and we make you aware of “best fit for you” colleges, some with which you may be totally unfamiliar.  We assist you in exploring a select list of colleges to which you might apply.  We discuss with you the college courses, the campus life and tuition financing options.  We work with you on the outline, development and final version of your essays and personal statements in order for you to find your voice and express yourself at your greatest potential.

Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities wrote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  The college planning and application process is like that.  It is the best of times, an exciting time, because you as a high school student looking towards going to college are about to step into greater independence, greater freedom of self-expression and the opportunity to develop into a mature adult and to determine your course of studies in your college years.  It is the worst of times, a challenging time, because the college planning and application process may be largely unknown to you and can be daunting and scary with various pitfalls along the way.

East West College Counseling engages the excitement of this time and deflects the anxieties of this time.  We work with you in the college and application process to make you aware of the unfamiliar, to coach you in the consideration and development of your application to your select colleges, and to be there with you to answer your questions and to allay your fears.

At  East West College Counseling, we can help.



Providing students expert help in determining and applying to their best college