Getting to Know All About You

Discussions with the student explores their interests, their activities, any thoughts they have regarding the colleges they may wish to apply to and attend, and the factors important to them in selecting a right college match.

This service focuses on discovering the personality traits of the student through various fun but insightful personality testing modalities, such as Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram and other personality revealing modalities.  Based upon their particular personality type, the student is provided information to read and consider their indicated particular personality type.

Based upon their personality traits and their important factors in their college choice, we provide a selective list of colleges that best fit them.

We make the student aware how to go about further researching the selective list of colleges especially geared to them in order to narrow the list to those colleges that especially appeal to them and that they want to concentrate on.

Working with the student, we discuss the colleges on their focus list.  We explain the process of college application, the necessary material to have in place in making application, and provide a general overview of college financing options.

This service is a way by which we get to know all about the student.  The student discovers more about themselves and helps them focus on the type of college environment that would appeal to them, a college environment where they could excel, grow and develop their academic and their social skills.  This service provides a concentrated list of colleges considered a ‘best fit’ for the student.  This service also gives a comprehensive overview of college planning and the college application process.




Providing students expert help in determining and applying to their best college