The Right Approach

This service focuses on the courses the student has taken and is planning to take in high school.  Based upon the transcript of the student, we look at the grades the student has received, the level of coursework the student has engaged and consider how best to develop the optimum performance for the student.  We look to strengthen the GPA [grade point average] and make suggestions based upon the student’s abilities regarding selection of future coursework.     

Our suggestions for future course selections would include being certain to cover the basic prerequisites of college core courses.  We would also encourage consideration of dual credit, honors, AP or IB curriculum, if warranted and available, to strengthen the recalculated GPA. We would also consider the student client’s learning style to improve their studies and would incorporate time management techniques for them to be more expeditious in the successful completion of their course work.


Providing students expert help in determining and applying to their best college