On To College

On to College: What high school students and their families need to know about college selection, application and admissions.

A college education is likely to be one of the most important and expensive investments you will make in a lifetime, yet most students often lack the knowledge they need to choose and apply to the programs that will best suit their needs and interests.

With many years of insider experience in college counseling and teaching, authors Kost and Don reveal for the first time proven strategies to be a savvy applicant, cut costs, and evaluate the hidden quality of a program—the single most important and neglected aspect of the process.

Make your application essay stand out by using the authors’ proven strategies. Learn the secrets of fortifying your application without padding your resume. Use the tips and comprehensive timeline to stay focused, organized–and in front of college admissions officers. Follow the templates to effectively request letters of recommendation and compile an activities list and resume that will highlight your accomplishments.

Understand the upcoming changes to the SAT and PSAT and why they are to your advantage.

Get information about athletics directly from Division 1 coaches to be sure you have what they are looking for and be aware of the reasons to consider other ways of participating in sports.

Find invaluable hints for artists of all kinds about auditions and portfolios and how to decide between specialized art schools and a more comprehensive university.

Be inspired to consider attending universities in other countries from Canada to Israel and Australia to save money and time (3-year programs are more common) and acquire international experience.

Truly a stand out among the college guides, On To College will be your indispensable go-to resource every step of the way.


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